Welcome to the what to do spotlight page! To see what to do to nominate go to "Nominating" or to find out how to vote go to "Voting", and if you're an admin then go to "For Admins" and if you want to vote on the Spotlight then go to "Nominations".

Nominating[edit source]

Do you feel that there is something that everyone in this Wiki should be concerned about (like: need more images of marine animals or need to add bird articles here, NOT small things like needing to improve a sepcific article. If you do then edit this pages talk page, add a section with the name of the specific task, such as "Upload more Marine images". And in that section add why you think it should become the spotlight, such as "Becuase there is alot of Marine articles which could be improved by adding pictures". Then wait and see for the decision, which will be done by an admin.

Voting[edit source]

Unlike other request voting this is voted like a poll, you simply choose the request you like the most and add "#" and your signature. Do not choose more than one request per time. AS NORMAL YOU EDIT THE TALK PAGE TO VOTE NOT THIS PAGE.

For Admins[edit source]

You see which request has the most number of votes when it's time to add the new spotlight. Do not remove an old spotlight until at least 3 days have passed. And add it to the main page with the task and reason. Clear the request area and add the new request time number, for example, if the last on was "Poll:No1", then change it to "Poll:No2" after clearing the old votings.

Nominations[edit source]


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