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The Nature Wiki "staff" are the all the users on the Nature Wiki who have special rights. This is not to be confused with the Wikia Staff who are employees of Wikia. The staff on the Nature Wiki are here to help and guide you as you edit. The staff are not any more important than the User community, means that every users with good faithed edits are as high of importance you can get. There are various types of staff here and all of them are listed here from the "staff" type with the most amount of special power, to help the wiki, to one with the least. The founder staff position is not one which can be changed or one which can be added to, it is the title for the person who founded the Nature Wiki.

Staff Positions[edit source]

The Founder[edit source]

The current logo of the Nature Wiki.

The Founder of the Nature Wiki is User:Kushan I.A.K.J.

Read a bit more:Nature_Wiki:Founder.

Bureaucrats[edit source]

The symbol of the Bureaucrats.

Have all the abilities admins do with some extras such as rename users, make a user into a sysop(but they cannot revoke it, that ability lies within the Wikia staff only), give Bot flags...

Currently to become a Bureaucrat, click here...

Sysops[edit source]

The symbol of the Sysops.

These users have the ability to protect, delete, unprotect, restore, edit protected pages, etc.

Currently to become a Sysop(admin/system administrator), click here...

Rollbacks[edit source]

The symbol of the Rollbacks.

Have the ability to Rollback multiple user edits without being a Sysop.

Currently to become a Rollback, click here...

Requesting Rights[edit source]

To request to become a rollback, sysop or B'crat, please make a clear topic with the request subject as its heading on the Nature Wiki Requests forum. You should start with Rollback, then Sysop, then B'crat, do not expect to skip any of the steps.

Example of a good heading for a person requesting Rollback rights: Requesting Rollback rights for User:Example

(and of course replace the Example part with the correct username.)

More...[edit source]

More user types may be created later on...

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