GOT SOME INTERESTING NATURE NEWS? WELL, TELL US BY ADDING A SECTION HERE(Please add on the talk page of this page, NOT this page itself)! It will be improved by an admin and posted on the Main page. Remember to provide sources!

Instructions:[edit source]

Read through all the instructions here before following any of them:

1.Create a NatureNews article on the news you wish to submit. Make it with much detail as you can.

2.Press on the "Discussion" tab above.

3.Press the "Leave message" tab on the Discussion page.

4.Enter the news heading and one or two sentences from your main article, include a link to the source and a link to the main article on the NatureNews Project.

5.Press the "Submit" button.

6.Watch this page for updates/remarks on your submission, you can do that by clicking on the "Watch" tab above.

7.If successful your article will be featured on the Nature Wiki Main page and on the NatureNews Main page!

E.G[edit source]

(Example section:) An new species called whatever was found on a coral reef off the island of something.

<<Link to main article on NatureNews.>>


Submissions:[edit source]

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