About the Nature Wiki

This Wiki, which is also the first ever Nature Wiki was founded on 23rd December 2007 by Kushan I.A.K.J, but no editing could be done as at that time there was a problem in Wikia with new Wikis, the first ever main edit was done by the founder on 24th December 2007 to the Main page.....

On 27th December the goals for the year 2007 were accomplished, which meant that the Nature Wiki had a good chance of reaching the Wikia spotlight which would bring in more users to help out, the following day Ryan. became the first ever Sysop excluding the founder.

When nearing the New Year(2008) with just about a few hours to go in the Founder's local time he founded the first ever Nature Wiki project (excluding the encyclopedia), NatureNews, also on 31st December 2007 UTC. About 2 hours later Ryan, who at the time was a Sysop, founded the Natutetionary, on 1st January 2008 Australian time or 31/12/07 UTC.

On 05/01/2008 the Nature Wiki Central was founded as a place the community together in. A few days later User:Ryan. requested Beauraucrat access, the request was to be granted later, the founder also had left a note(See the history) on the users talk page confirming that a new user status with more powers than a Bureaucrat was to be created...

Nature is a subject that we all should and we all do know about, the Nature Wiki covers Nature in every aspect, from the time of the T-Rex to the Era of the birds, and from the eye-view of an Eagle to the home of a earthworm, I hope that the Nature Wiki will someday cover every possible article and fact there is to learn about Nature, and you can help! Start editing now!--Kushan_I.A.K.J (Talk) 10:06, 28 December 2007 (UTC)

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