Classification Carnivore
Name Meaning Smooth-sided tooth
Period 180-150 million years ago
Location China, Singapore, England and France
Diet anything else in the ocean
Size(Length, weight, etc) Adult length of 25 metres(80 feet) with a skull an incredible 5 metres (16 feet) long.Liopleurodons weight is difficult to estimate but it may have been 150 tonnes

Liopleurodon was the titan

of the mid-jurassic. Nothing could hurt it. The only thing Liopleurodon had to fear was others of its kind, as liopleurodon are extremely territorial animals. The Liopleurodon could easily pluck a Eustreptospondylus from the land and rip it to shreds. It is the largest pliosaur ever to be discovered. Liopleurodon would even kill and eat others if its own kind. Unlike the Cryptoclidus, the Liopleurodon is far too heavy to get on to the land, if a Liopleurodon does get on land which is most unlikey, it will not be able to return to the sea. Its massive weight will crush its lungs and smaller land predators such as Eustreptospondylus will eat every last piece of it. The Liopleurodon is an ambush predator. Like most predators it uses speed, strength and the element of suprise to catch its prey. An enormous marine predator, that comes near to matching the size of modern whales. The teeth in the distinctive rossete at the front of its mouth were actually twice as large as those of a Tyrannosaurus.

EVIDENCE: Found mostly near England and France but possibly also in Chile. 3-4 finds near Singapore to China. how the lioplorodon died out?no one knows