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Diploducus longus
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Classification Herbivore
Name Meaning Double Beamed
Period 120-155 million years ago.
Location Wyoming, Colorado Morrison Formation.
Diet Would have had selected vegetation it could strip with its peg-like teeth.Since it was a mostly low grazer ferns would have made up most of its diet.
Size(Length, weight, etc) 30 metres(100 feet) in length and weighed up to 20 tonnes.Height at the hip 5 metres(16 feet).However, larger bones have been found of Diploducus that could have reached well over 45 metres(150 feet) and 30 tonnes.

One of the largest dinosaurs ever to be discovered and the longest of all the sauropods, but it was still lightweight compared to some.Its length was boosted by an extraordinary whip-like tail.They lived in herds of 20 or more, which contained only adults or sub-adults.IT had large heavy scales on its back and spines running the length of its entire body.Such a large dinosaur may appeared as though it had nothing to fear, but it did.The Tyrannosaurus and the Allosaurus would attack this giant herds quite usually attack these herds often taking the young, the weak and the wounded.

EVIDENCE:based on based on 5 skeletons without skulls, 2 with skulls and several skulls with isolated elements of the skeleton. Four species have been identified from Wyoming and Colorado Morris Formation.