Allosaurus bursts out of the trees towards a herd of Diploducus(not shown in this image).

Allosaurus is one of the largest predatory dinosaurs to ever have lived, it is in the group with Tyranosaurus,Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus.

Unlike Tyranosaurus this dinosaur used speed rather than strength to catch its prey.It wa a swift hunter with long grappling hook like claws on the end of its arms, it would regulary have attacked sauropods.The Allosaurus could also swim like the Giganoto saurus and Spinosaurus although the Tyranosaur could not.The tyranosaur was larger than the allosaurs and would usually kill one at sight but allosaurus could easily escape from the Tyranosaurus in 3 ways:

1.Since the Allosaurus is ten times as fast as than Tyranosaurus it could eaisily outrun it.

2.The Allosaurus could swim away from the tyranosaur into deeper waters where it could not follow*Tyranosaurus could not swim it could only walk in the water since it is large enough for its feet to reach the ground.*

3. IF the Allosaurus has already mated and has young which are large enough to fight they can fend off the Tyranosaur.(Allosaurs and Giganotosaurs were the only large predators to hunt in packs although this wasnt actually a pack.the familes hunted toghether.once a male has reached maturity it will leave its fathers pack to make its own.)

EVIDENCE: More than 60 complete and partial skeletons from all over the Morrison.From Wyoming to Mexico.

SIZE: Up to 8.2-14 metres ( 25-46 feet ) long with a weight of up to 1-5 tonnes.

DIET: Meat mainly of smaller animals but occasionally a sauropod.

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